Our careers professionals are here to help pupils and their parents and carers with careers education, information, advice and guidance on their next steps.

What is careers advice and guidance?

Our careers professionals are here to support pupils by providing them with the opportunity to have group or individual career meetings to discuss future career ideas, access information regarding future studies and different career pathways, and to develop action plans ensuring that their decisions are informed and realistic.

What are the aims of careers learning?

We aim to prepare pupils to become:

  • Self-motivated – Take ownership of their future and recognise their own strengths and values, while taking responsibility for developing their work readiness, skills and behaviours
  • Self-assured – Have the tools and skills required to present themselves to future employers
  • Aspirational – Have high aspirations for themselves
  • Informed – Understand the opportunities available to them, both locally and beyond, and to make realistic choices
  • Experienced – Gain experience of work that is rewarding and fulfilling
  • Achieving – Achieve qualifications valued by employers
  • Accountable – Understand that employers want people who will work hard and are accountable for their actions
  • Resilient – Understand that employers want young people who can listen and learn from both their successes and their mistakes and keep going
  • Entrepreneurial – Work creatively to achieve their potential and that of the business
  • Co-operative – Have effective communication and co-working skills

(Derived from the IB Learner Profile characteristics)

 Why is careers learning important?

  • Develops career management skills, for now and in the future
  • Encourages pupils to take ownership of their own  future
  • Provides pupils with the confidence to make informed, realistic decisions
  • Identifies and develops employability skills
  • Provides a greater understanding of the link between subjects and the world of work
  • Develops motivation for studies and achievement of aspirations
  • Prepares pupils for the workplace
  • Encourages pupils to aspire to positive future destinations
  • Helps pupils to prepare for life beyond school

How is careers learning measured?

Careers Learning within our academies conforms to statutory careers guidance and is based on the eight Gatsby Benchmarks, a framework that enables us to develop a robust careers programme and to provide our pupils with the best possible careers education, information, advice and guidance.

The Careers Learning team works together to support academies to deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks.

We are proud of the personalised approach we take towards providing tailored careers experiences for individuals and targeted groups of pupils. Impartial advice and guidance at key transition points, from trained careers professionals, for all secondary students, helps our pupils to make informed decisions about their next steps.