Please note: This page was written for key stage 5 mainstream students, however it can still be useful to others.

Making decisions about your future is no easy task. Some people know what they want to do very early on in their studies, and others take more time. Many even change their minds later down the line. Whatever your situation, remember you are not alone, many people are in the same boat, trying to make decisions about their future. 

When there are a number of options, it can be a tough call. Remember to explore all your options with an open mind. 

Please see the links below which can help you plan ahead and make the best decision for you. Before you look at the helpful websites listed below consider, the following: 

  • What skills, qualities and interests do you have? (It can be a good idea to list these)
  • What things do you enjoy doing, including part-time work and hobbies?
  • What subjects do you like the most? 
  • Explore different sectors and job roles – look into what is needed to enter those jobs; (do you need a degree? Can you go straight into the job with no degree?)
  • If you can’t decide between the options, why not make a list of the pros and cons of each option?
  • Do you know what grades you are likely to obtain? (This could impact your options).
  • Remember, you can apply for more than one option; for example – apply to university whilst keeping a lookout for jobs or apprenticeships, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket. You can also “defer entry” for university, giving you a year to work or do a gap year.

Websites to help you
The links below could also help you (remember to also look at all the other pages on the KS5 page, they are there to help you plan ahead):